Frequently asked questions

What are the key components of a style guide?

As a rule, a brand style guide includes all components that determine the visual appearance of a brand. This contains corporate identity elements such as logo, claims, colors, fonts, etc. as well as all finished assets and documents for print and digital that are used internally and externally within the company. You can find a list of the most common elements in your sample style guide.

What are the legal requirements?
  • Only upload files for which you have the necessary copyright or usage rights.
  • For all stock images, check whether and in what context you are allowed to upload them to a cloud.
  • Do not upload purchased font files, hosting fonts on external servers is unfortunately prohibited.
  • Do not publish sensitive data such as price lists, password lists or the like.
Where is my data stored and who has access to it?
  • Your data is stored in Europe on the Amazon Cloud (AWS)
  • Only people invited by you or your authorized members can manage styleguides
  • People who receive a shared link have also access to it
Is my data safe?
  • Your data is stored in Europe on the Amazon Cloud (AWS)
  • Your data will not be indexed in search engines, as we generate a unique key for each page view that prevents this.
  • To prevent search engines from indexing your data, we generate a unique key for each preview or download file.
  • To ensure that the data is not accessible for longer than absolutely necessary, an expiration date must be set for each share link created. Active links are always displayed in your style guide overview.
  • If a style guide is archived, all shared links automatically lose their validity.
Is it GDPR compliant?
  • Yes, all recommendations related to the General Data Protection Regulation have been implemented and legally verified.
  • You can find our data protection guidelines here.
Is there a limit to the number of style guides I can create?
  • Free Version: You can create 1 style guide and upload a maximum of 10 MB of data.
  • Pro Version: See here our plans …